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Less Than $5 per month

A Whole Year of Airplay and Promotion!

As a Spin It! member artist, you get several promotional tools to reach a whole new audience with your music.


Facebook:  We'll talk about you on our Facebook page(s). When you have announcements, just let us know and we'll add a post to our page.


In-Stream recorded "tags": Record us a 5 second tag that we'll play ahead of each of your songs. Like "Hi, this is Paul McCartney, and you're listening to Radio Avenue". It's an excellent way for your audience to connect with you and separate you from the other music they're hearing.  Samples: Sarah McQuaid  Emily Hurd  


Website Link: We'll add your website or Facebook link to our "links" page at


Advertising discounts:  We have reduced banner ad rates on our website for all Spin It! member artists.



That's not all:    >>Next Monthly Reports




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