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Less Than $5 per month

A Whole Year of Airplay and Promotion!

Guaranteed* Airplay on Internet Radio

Genre-Specific Target Audience

Artist Promotion

Monthly Listener Reports

Spin It! is the way to get your music heard by a world wide audience....the right audience...for a full year!  We match your music to the format of our music streams and maximize your reach by keeping your music in rotation for a FULL YEAR. In addition to the airplay, you get monthly song reports showing exactly how many people heard each of your songs. You can also record a quick 5-10 second audio "tag" that will play ahead of your music, which grabs listener attention and increases their engagement with you as an artist.



*All music must be pre-approved for airplay. There are no costs until you are approved and you purchase a Spin-It! package.

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